Being thankful

These last 6 months have been some of the most challenging for me. Pursuing a masters degree is no joke, readers. It takes a whole lot from you. I’ve felt like giving up on so many occasions- not because I’m unable to do the work but, because of the extensive workload and the social sacrifices that I’ve had to make. I’m literally cooped up inside of my room from Monday to Friday working on assignments or my dissertation. It gets really daunting because it begins to take a large toll on my social life. Although I want to do fun things, I feel this tremendous guilt whenever I decide to neglect my work. Sometimes I feel as though I can’t shut off from research- I eat, live and dream university.

Frankly, it has made me miserable, despondent and ungrateful. If I had to reveal the story behind my journey to this MSc programme, you will understand further why I should always have a grateful spirit. But, the truth is, we’re human and we’re emotional beings. We have so many feelings rushing through bodies caused my so many things. At some point, we’re bound to be down and other times, we have no other choice but to be thankful.

I read a quote last night which summed up this post perfectly. “Happiness is a feeling and sometimes it can be a decision.” Today I’m choosing to be happy, amidst the rollercoaster of emotions flowing through my body, I’m making that choice. I have so much to be thankful for and the more I sit and reflect on the wonders of life, it’s the more I beat myself up for ever feeling ungrateful.


Last year, I began a journey of documenting my weekly blessings and at the end of the year, I was so overwhelmed with joy. 2017 was a testing year for me, but reading through my blessings list, I was reminded of how great my God is. This has become a yearly practice for me now. I’m challenging someone to take up this journey- believe me, it’ll be worth it.



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