Good Food is Life esp in LA

Travelling is one of those activities which can leave you feeling extremely exhausted and fatigued or completely relaxed and carefree. This year alone I experienced every emotion that can come about from travelling. Needless to say that as I write this blog post I am enjoying the final days of my LA visit. It is always good to get away and unwind a bit, try out something new, experiment with different cuisines, plan some sightseeing activities but make sure to relax- after all, what is a holiday without the relaxation element.

One of my favourite places where I dined was a burger spot down Santa Monica called Umami. I am a true foodie. I love to eat. I love all things food- pictures included. A holiday for me is not a holiday without some good food. Check out what I feasted on!

This burger is called the Manly Burger. A beef burger consisting of crispy bacon strips which made it all the more tasty. There were so many juices flowing out of this burger. It was truly an experience in my mouth.
Skinny fries with melted cheese and chives. The addition of the chives really enhanced the taste of these fries.
Cocktails were perfectly mixed. Did I mention that we just so happened to walk on the happy hour.

My Umami Experience: Guys, if you’re ever in LA, please check them out. Gourmet burger cannot get any better than this.



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