How to Encourage Yourself

Constantly we’re challenged- challenged at work, school, within our our family circles and even at church. At times we give off our best but it is never good enough for some folks so they call us down, they try to shame and embarrass us, they show us up, they criticise, they hate, point fingers and they discourage.

I remember during my university days on my very first day, a lecturer said to me, “I’m not sure why the university gave you acceptance to this course. Your entry requirements are not high enough and this class will progressively intensify.” (Well, her words were some where up that alley.) Nonetheless, believe it or not, her words created a very deep emotional wound which undoubtedly resulted in fear of failure, disbelief in myself and my capabilities and sheer saddness. I just couldn’t believe it- on my very first day of university, what was intended to be an exciting orientation turned out to be one of the most daunting days of my life. To this day, I can hear this woman speaking to me with absolutely no remorse or care- she gave up on me that day.

It is extremely crucial that we build a strong circle of supporters. These are the people who will provide us with strength at our lowest peaks. They are the ones who would exude some light of hope when things seem dark and dreary. I owe my success at the University level to the prayers ushered up by  my family, the prayer warriors within my churches and the comforting and encouraging words provided by friends and well wishers. Be not deceived, I spent many nights in prayer too and there were days when I had to push and encourage myself.

On the other side of things, frankly speaking, there are some people who could careless if you win or lose but who are in strategic positions to determine the former. As a teacher, her primary focus, I would think, was to ensure that her students pass this course, to ensure that they receive the necessary support they require and to build and develop her students’ knowledge of that particular subject area.

Amidst difficult times, although naturally we may yearn to be alone, reach out to someone who you know is in your corner. Also, remember to ask the Father for guidance- He never steers us in the wrong direction. This experience has taught me to be extremely cautious of those who provide me with advice and served as a reminder that I should never be guided by the advice of any one person.

Life is filled with many obstacles and we are faced with numerous challenges almost every day but never allow them to play a dominant role in crafting your future.



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