Switch it Up

We as women can be so fickle and indecisive about many things, but nothing more so than our hair. Today it’s straight, tomorrow it’s curly, a month down the line we are wanting to look like the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. Many of us switch it up quite nicely with the installation of hair weaves, or as it is now commonly referred to, hair extensions. Today it’s all about the Brazilian hair, Indian remy, Malaysian body wave and not to mention the added closures and frontals. Many have even reverted back to the good old wigs- a revived trend which is fast growing and allows for more versatility. I haven’t even touched on the crotchet braids/weaves, the Ghanaian style cornrows, the longstanding box braids and the list goes on.

These hair styles come at some serious costs- they are surely not cheap. These are what I refer to as beauty investments. Well of course, it is all dependent on the quality of hair that is chosen and the ways in which we care for them. But why is it that ladies invest so much time, money and energy into their hair. The answer is quite simple- change.

A change in hairstyle makes a hell of difference to a woman’s appearance. It brings life to her personality and it surely helps to accentuates an outfit. It allows for us to showcase our creativity, unveil our “Sasha Fierce” and it adds a definite boost to our confidence. You will be surprised how a new hairstyle puts an extra pep in someone’s step. I’m telling you, a new hairstyle will have a woman feeling like she’s just stepped off a fashion runway. Her outfit can be bought from the dollar store but her hair is worth hundreds and she is not afraid to let the word know that she’s rocking a Brazilian Body Wave, 20″ at the back, 18″ and 16″ in the middle, 14″ in the front and a 12″ closure bleached to match her skin.

India Arie, one my favourite recording artistes sings ” I am not my hair…”, but I often question that because us ladies spend time on our hair. But, I think what she was trying to convey is that we should not be defined by the type, length, style or texture of hair. We find that many folks prejudge women because they choose to big chop and rock a short fro or women with relaxed hair are trying to look like Caucasians and are unhappy with their natural texture. Pure BS if you ask me. Humans in general are creatures of change- we are easily bored and there is nothing wrong with that.

I am not defined by my head of hair or any extensions that I may choose to wear. I choose to wear my hair in certain styles because that’s my preference. Why should I be stereotyped as someone who is uncomfortable or displeased with how the Creator made me.

Ladies, many of us work hard for our money and I’ll be damned if someone tries to tell me how I should or should not wear my hair- the hair that grows out of my head. So, be you! Embrace your inner self though your hair. Some days be wild, frizzy and unruly and other days rock that chic bun, that bone straight hair or try out some curls or waves. Every hairstyle adds some level of novelty to your looks and believe me the change provides such a renewed feeling on the inside.

So maybe you’ve been feeling a little on the low side, your self confidence is beginning to dwindle- switch it up! Head to your nearest hair stylist or if you’re feeling experimental, create something yourself. Trust me, change is beautiful on the outside but it works miracles on the inside too.



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